Sectors We Work In


The nature of the industrial sector requires greater degrees of consideration for health, safety, and welfare than many other sectors.  Moving machinery, on-site laboratories, chemicals and gases, mazes of different types of pipework and 24/7 operational buildings are just a few of the situational difficulties our team have overcome during projects with industrial sector clients. 


On lower/higher tier COMAH sites, health and safety is one the highest priority for our clients in this sector. Proof of technical competency, comprehensive Health and Safety training, detailed risk assessments and method statements are extremely important in successfully delivering an outstanding quality service on sites, as well building strong communications and trust between clients and contractors.


Correctly applying the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 is essential to ensuring industrial and manufacturing sector projects are delivered both successfully and safely. Specialist knowledge and skill is required on both the part of the individuals fulfilling the CDM roles and the client.


Nationwide Coverage

National coverage and a large workforce is in some cases essential to delivering these types of projects, and demonstrating the competence of both the company, and the individuals working for us. 


Our vast accreditations, memberships, certifications and framework agreements give assurance to our clients that the services we deliver are trusted by multiple clients within the industrial sector.


Visibility of your portfolio

In addition to NexGen we are also able to provide tiered plans including our standard 2D NexPlan, our optional Enhanced CAD Plan, and we can incorporate 3D site plans with your risk management data, delivered through our bespoke software NexPlore. NexPlore assists our clients in achieving compliance with all asset management database requirements, ensuring access to reports and real-time updates of progress.