Who we are

We are trusted providers of award-winning risk mitigation strategies across a wide range of environmental and occupational areas to help you ensure your project is completed successfully and safely, first time.  

Our Expertise

Our high-level expert advice on risk management, mitigation strategies and legislative compliance provides our clients with dedicated support and guidance on specialist issues such as hazardous material management, health and safety governance and compliance with the UK and EU regulatory framework.

We deliver asbestos, CDM client advisory services, and health and safety training.

Being part of the Lucion Services Group, Lucion Consulting operates from 12 strategically located offices in UK which makes us a capable services provider for both regional and national clients.



Services provided include:

CDM Services

Our NEBOSH qualified CDM consultants are experienced, trusted providers of CDM services and can act as an essential support for your for your project, helping your team mitigate the risks to their health and safety.

Corporate Compliance

Holding a multitude of certifications, accreditations and awards from UKATA, UKAS, Alcumus and ROSPA so you know you are in safe hands with us when achieving Corporate Compliance.

Asbestos CDM

Ensure you have accounted for asbestos works whilst considering the CDM regulations for your construction phase plan. Our team of NEBOSH qualified CDM Specialist Consultants are here to provide support and advice relating to asbestos when upholding a CDM role on your project.

Safety Management Systems

As a team of award-winning providers of health and safety management services, our team of NEBOSH qualified Consultants can help you to implement an effective Safety Management System helping you to mitigate the risks to your teams and contractors on your site.

Classroom Based Training

Our training providers are our consultants, a group of experienced and knowledgeable safety professionals who deliver multi-award winning classroom based training to both our team and our clients.

Online Training

Our online training solutions allow you to manage and adapt your training delivery, with full visibility of who has carried out the training at any given time, ensuring that your team receive and complete the required training they need.

As part of the Lucion Services group, our consultants have vast experience in multiple areas of health, safety and hazardous management, making them the trusted option for your project.

Phil Rozier
Chief Executive Officer, Lucion Services

Jeremy Meredith
Account Director
Chris Parr
Assurance Director
Christian McCale
Head of CDM Services

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Our approach to monitoring quality within projects is focused on overseeing and working with our clients and the various CDM designers and roles to ensure we are collaboratively running a robust design risk management process, capturing and addressing issues and mitigating them in-line with the Client’s brief, constraints and budget.

During the construction phase, working closely with the the project management team, contractors and designers we ensure levels of quality control and risk mitigation is continued through the delivery of the scheme on site. 


Our Quality Controls


Our service delivery strategies are also underpinned by the controls of our integrated management system which is accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and incorporates our quality environment, occupational health, and safety management systems into one controlled system. Our management system controls all aspects of our operations and provides assurances to our Clients that we are working to the highest levels of compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. 

Accreditations, Certifications, Memberships and Awards