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What is Lucion NexGen?

Lucion NexGen is our health and safety compliance management software, built to help Duty Holders, Clients, Compliance Managers, and other responsible persons to manage their compliance data efficiently and with ease.


Unlike more database driven compliance management systems, Lucion NexGen is hosted online on a cloud-based server. You can track your risks from cradle to grave, access timestamped data and reports anywhere, anytime, with data updated in real-time.

Why Lucion NexGen?

Developed in-house, Lucion NexGen software developers are easy for you to reach, ask questions, make suggestions, and report issues with ease.


No more raising tickets. No more waiting for responses. No third party 'one size fits all' thinking.


Lucion NexGen is designed to help you to effectively manage your risks, protect your teams and achieve compliance with the click of a button. It's that simple.

Supply Chain Compliance
As part of our subcontractor assessment services you can monitor your supply chain's performance at the click of button
Documentation Control
Access past and present reports, compliance documentation and monitor and receive notifications of new reports or impending compliance deadlines
Action Manager
Track your ongoing hazards within your portfolio and implement safety measures to meet your compliance requirements
Management Report
Monitor your portfolios health, project progress, and control documentation user access on and off-site
Through working with you as our partner, the QR Codes which are being placed on fireboxes in our properties is ground-breaking.